Advanced technology consulting

About Us

Rakudo Consulting Group offers the expertise of core designers and developers of Rakudo Perl, the Parrot Virtual Machine, and mod_parrot. Our team members look beyond the tools and technologies available today to design and develop new tools and foster communities around them. We enable you to solve hard problems quickly and efficiently.

Our expertise and experience on a broad range of topics heightens our ability to solve problems smoothly and efficiently. Rakudo Consulting Group team members have worked in Perl and other open source communities as software professionals, technical authors, project managers, and enthusiastic developers. We bring years of experience both leading and collaborating with designers, developers, and users of open source products.

The skills of each team member combined with the tools, processes, and procedures established during the development of Rakudo, Parrot, and mod_parrot make us uniquely capable to deliver professional, practical, timely solutions that meet your expectations of quality and value.